Suitcase of Dreams – Tania Blanchard

Narrated by Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood

A sweeping tale of love and loss – the epic follow-up to best seller The Girl from Munich.  

After enduring the horror and chaos of postwar Germany, Lotte Drescher and her family arrive in Australia full of hope for a new life. It’s a land of opportunity, where Lotte and husband Erich hope to give their children the future they have always dreamed of.  

After years of struggling to find their feet as ‘New Australians’, Erich turns his skill as a wood carver into a successful business, and Lotte makes a career out of her lifelong passion, photography. The sacrifices they have made finally seem worth it until Erich’s role in the trade union movement threatens to have him branded a communist and endanger their family.  

As the shadow of the Vietnam War looms, the unexpected arrival of her former fiancé, Heinrich, forces Lotte to a turning point. 

Her decision will change her life forever – and help her to finally understand the true meaning of home.

Brilliant Story 

What a brilliant story enlightening me on immigrants lives on arrival to Australia. Learning of their thoughts as Australia’s history evolved was really thought provocating. The depth of Lotta’s relationship was beautiful.

Enjoy and easy listening 

I love the narrators voice. Beautiful to listen to. the story I did enjoy.