Penguin Bloom 2016

Narrated by Richard Roxburgh

Penguin Bloom is an extraordinary true story full of hope and courage, featuring Cameron Bloom’s captivating narrative by New York Times best-selling author Bradley Trevor Greive. 

Penguin the Magpie is a global social media sensation. People the world over have fallen in love with the stunning and deeply personal images of this rescued bird and her human family. But there is far more to Penguin’s story than meets the eye. It begins with a shocking accident, in which Cameron’s wife, Sam, suffers a near fatal fall that leaves her paralysed and deeply depressed. 

Into their lives comes Penguin, an injured magpie chick abandoned after she fell from her nest. Penguin’s rescue and the incredible joy and strength she gives Sam and all those who helped her survive demonstrates that, however bleak things seem, compassion, friendship and support can come from unexpected quarters, ensuring there are always better days ahead. 

This plucky little magpie reminds us all that no matter how lost, fragile or damaged we feel, accepting the love of others and loving them in return will help to make us whole.

Loved it! Inspiring & Honest 

inspiring and Honest account of a tragedy and the way a Bird saved a life and a family!