Open Wide – Melissa Ambrosini

Narrated by Melissa Ambrosini

The hip gal’s 21st century relationship guide to love and relationships. 

Open Wide, from Melissa Ambrosini, the best-selling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, is a radically real, upfront and no BS guide for women on finding and cultivating mind-blowing, heart-expanding, deep authentic love, real relationships, and soulful sex – and when we talk about sex, this book isn’t about the best positions, it’s about how to show up as your best self, about how to be truly confident in the skin and body you’re in, about how to be vulnerable with your partner (or future partners), plus so much more. 

It’s a book that gives women the real tools they can implement into their lives immediately for real results, to help them navigate their relationships, learn more about themselves on a deep and intimate level, and learn how to step into their full feminine essence.

Open Wide Review 

I write, to say I deeply enjoyed reading this book, it has depth and is inspiring from an incredibly inspiring author, who too has been through the tough times and proves to us all it is possible to overcome life’s challenges through dedication and perseverance. 
I have gained insight while reading both of Melissa’s books, and hope this is only the beginning for a great and exciting for both Melissa and to her audience (she reaches). 
Thank you Melissa for Opening Wide, and showing us the way, through this amazing book Open Wide. 
From Katharine xxx